Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has appealed to members of the New Patriotic Party to elect into office, leaders who will instill confidence in the party.

According to him, the party members as they go to the polls should consider electing members not based on lip service but “on careful examination of what will help us regain the confidence of the people of Ghana.”

“Let us show true respect to the idea and the vision that true sovereignty is with the people. When we do that our definition of democracy will conform to the idea eloquently expressed as government of, for and by the people,” he said.

In his address on Saturday, he also urged delegates as well as party faithful to operate democratically per the tradition of the party.

This, he explained is because NPP “needs all the unity we can get so we approach 2024 as a united force to draw even people not of our tradition into our fold so that with the numbers, we make the 50 percent plus one vote demanded by the national constitution to take power again.”

“Ghana needs our party to lead it into prosperity and transformation that must be the aspiration of all of us,” he added.

According to former President Kufuor, if the members are able to go according to his advice “most of Ghana will rally for the party.”