The Deputy Chairman of the Electoral Commission (EC) in charge of Corporate Services, Dr Bossman Asare says the EC has no problem whatsoever with the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

According to him, as far as the Commission is concerned its relation with the largest opposition party, as with all other political parties in the country, is friendly.

“I think for the level of the Electoral Commission we have a very good relationship with all the political parties, we don’t have any problem with the NDC,” he told Emefa Apawu in a yet-to-be aired edition of The Probe.

He stated that the EC as mandated by law is expected to have a cordial relationship with all political parties, however, it has no control over what feelings these political parties may have towards it.

He said, “One thing which is very clear is that you can be there, you don’t have any problem with anyone but somebody can have a problem with you. By the nature of our job, we are mandated by law to be friendly, to be in sync, and make sure we support the cause…From our side we are okay, we know we have good dealings with them.”

However, the pose of the NDC following the 2020 Elections has been that of animosity towards the Electoral Commission.

In the peppered commentary, they have accused the EC of colluding with the ruling party, the NPP, to rig the 2020 elections.

The Deputy General Secretary of the NDC had also stated that the NDC would not sit and engage with the EC in any discussion concerning the 2020 elections at IPAC meetings.

In this regard, the EC Deputy Chairman says he is yet to receive any official letter from the NDC concerning their refusal to attend any IPAC meeting about the 2020 elections.

However, he added that the EC is under no compulsion to force all political parties to attend IPAC and other EC related meetings.

“One thing which must be clear is that parties coming to IPAC, the EC cannot force any political party to come to IPAC.

“So if Mr. Boamah Otokunor is saying that, that can be his personal opinion I don’t know whether that can be the position of the NDC. I should think that if that’s the position of the NDC, the NDC will be able to write to us and say that.”