Group CEO of Enterprise Group Limited, Keli Gadzekpo

The Enterprise Group has secured a place amongst the top insurance brands in Africa.

The Group was ranked 47th in this year’s ‘Top African Insurers Ranking’ published by the African Report.

Out of 45 companies in Ghana, the Enterprise Group was one of only three Ghanaian businesses that made it to this prestigious list.

According to the African Report, the ranking was based on revenue and profits generated in 2020.

The report showed that Enterprise Group earned revenue amounting to $134 million.

Speaking on this achievement, the Group CEO of Enterprise Group Keli Gadzekpo, stated that this achievement is a testament to the hard work and commitment of Enterprise Group to deliver first-class services to all and that the significant investments were paying off.  

“To be recognized amongst the top 100 insurance companies on the entire continent is not an easy feat. A substantial amount of hard work has gone into ensuring that we remain amongst the best in the industry.”

He continued, “last year was a particularly challenging year due to the pandemic. It is, therefore, more remarkable that even through all the challenges and setbacks, we were able to rise to the occasion and deliver such impressive results,” Mr. Gadzekpo said.

Mr. Gadzekpo also congratulated and appreciated the entire Enterprise Insurance team as well as their loyal customers for their unwavering support.

He said “I appreciate the tireless efforts of the entire staff of Enterprise Group who have worked assiduously to make this possible.

“To all our loyal customers, we are grateful for your unrelenting trust and confidence in us and we will continue to rise against all odds and continue providing you with the best services.”   

The African Report compiled its report on the top hundred insurance companies by sending out detailed questionnaires with insurance companies spread across the continent.

Their responses were used to create a schematic of African’s Top Hundred Insurers.

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