Contrary to the widely accepted perception that Europeans brought Christianity to civilise Africans, two Ministers of the Methodist Church have revealed that many Ghanaians and people of African descent have been misinformed.

According to the Superintendant Minister of the Methodist Church Ghana in Ashaiman, Reverand Anokye Ababio and his colleague Jamaican born Academic, Historian, and Theologian Reverand Dr. Robinson A. Milwood, Africans are currently suffering from inferiority complex as a result of the White Jesus and "so-called Christianity" introduced by the European Churches during the Transatlantic Slave Trade of African bodies.

They claimed the European Missionaries "came on the pretext of a civilising mission to Africa, and a Christianising mission in a guise but underneath was evilness, and wickedness."

Speaking on 'Inside Afrika' on Radio Univers, Rev Anokye Ababio said "the sort of Christianity that was brought to us in Africa wasn't actually Christianity made to convert us to know who we are in relation to God the creator, but the 'White' man actually used Christianity as a bedrock or as tool to carry out an agenda which was nefarious and evil in its intent".

According to the Superintendant Minister of the Methodist Church, the Europeans brought their version of Christianity to Africa in order "to build a European culture of superiority, to dehumanise Africans, and  to let Africans see themselves as non-beings".

Although slavery has been long abolished, Rev. Anokye Ababio said the issue of slave trade should not be brushed aside because,  it has left behind a situation whereby Africans feel "we cannot do anything for ourselves without Europeans and that has gone deep in our consciousness".

Rev Anokye Ababio explained that discussions on the involvement of the Churches in the slave trade are still very important since "we need to raise our counsciousness and to accept the fact that we are not inferior beings and the white is not superior than Africans".

On his part, Dr. Milwood noted that "the image of a Caucasian Jesus, a white Jesus was a British invention," which was used to perpetuate their racist agenda for superiority.

Dr Milwood  who was trained for the Methodist ministry at the Queen’s Ecumenical Foundation College in Birmingham UK said: "There is no evidence that there was ever a White Jesus".

Jesus was 100% an African and if you look at Matthew 1:1-17 which is called the genealogy from Abram to David all the names there were African names" according to the Theologian.

"I would like people to know that we are still living the legacies of the slave trade and therefore we need to become conscious of not only the history of the slave trade but the history of Africans… because Africans gave Europeans Christianity not the other way around," Dr. Milwood told Yaw Acheampong, host of the programme.

In this regard he advocated that: "The Transatlantic Slave Trade should be a compulsory subject in all Theological Colleges, Seminaries, and Universities".

Dr Milwood recently authored a book entitled; "British Churches Enslaved and Murdered Black Atlantic Slaves: Contexualisation and De-Contextualisation of British Slave Trade: 17th-19th Century – A Critical Socio-theological Study", in which he catalogues various crimes inflicted on Africans by the British Churches and their implications for the development of Africans.