GFA Congress

Chairman of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) compensation ad hoc Committee, Frederick Moore wants members of the association to vote out the current leaders should they fail to meet requirements despite the motivation package given them.

Moore, who led the proposal of GHS 12,000 for President Kurt Okraku, GHS 7,000 for vice president, Mark Addo and GHS 4,000 the rest of executive council members, believes the compensation was designed to motivate the leadership to work harder.

Members have tasked the Kurt Okraku’s led administration to build a ‘GFA beyond aid’, and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hearts of Oak reckon such demands must be rewarded.

“Any job that you do, any role that you play, you’re not paid based on your certificate or based on the fact that you are there, but for the role that you’re playing, and that role, for the salary you get, it has to come with accountability,” Moore said.

“We want the ExCo to work for us to get selflessness. If you’re going to work to get selflessness and I say I am not going to reward you [you must be ready to pay for it]; you can’t have it both ways,” he noted.

The emoluments agreed by members of the FA at their 26th Ordinary Congress is a testimony that they would demand more from the Executive Council to improve the standard of football.

Moore, however, says if they fail to meet the standards expected of them they should be voted out.

“We need an ExCo in Ghana, we need a football association in Ghana, that can take Ghana to the next level and if they are rewarded and they don’t take Ghana to the next level, then it is incumbent on the rest of us to vote them out,” he stated.

In the previous administration, only the Emergency Committee (EmCo) were on monthly remuneration from the football governing body.

Then President, Kwesi Nyantakyi was on GHS 4,388, while his Vice, George Afriyie was on over GHS 3,000. The three other EmCo members were on a little over GHS 2,600.

GHS 12,000 for the President, Kurt Okraku, many says is ‘too much’. But, Moor insists other corporate organisations pay higher allowances.

“In an economy or in a football community, we want our football to be at the next level; there are things that we have to do today to take our football to the next level.

“If we want to hold our ExCo members and our President to account, that accountability has to be rewarded.

“We looked at companies that were paying thee ore four times but we decided that we couldn’t. If we did that, the budget or the turnover could not sustain it. We also looked at the bottom end.

“If we looked at those figures, they are closer to the bottom than to the top,” he concluded.

The FA leadership will be on GHS 1,600 for President, GHS 1,400 Vice President and GHS 1,300 sitting allowances, too. They are entitled to two suits and one African print as well.

There is also $500, $400 and $300 per diem for the hierarchy for foreign travels, GHS 600, GHS 400 and GHS 300 for local travels.