Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jnr says the justifications given by Martin Amidu for his resignation are not enough basis to have vacated the office.

He submits that the former Special Prosecutor’s explanations should have incited his willingness to spearhead Ghana’s anti-corruption fight.

“The reasons he’s given here, in addition to the prior 64-page letter, are the very reasons why he should have stayed on and proceed to interrogate the issues and investigate the so-called suspects. He makes the point and expresses his intentions, and that is what you do.

“Perceived political or executive interference – for me – is not a sufficient ground for the Special Prosecutor to vacate the office, and then come and give us all these reasons. Where do we go from there?” he observed on Joy News‘ Newsfile Saturday.

His comment follows Mr. Amidu’s 27-page response to the Presidency on Friday, addressing what he terms “fabrications and falsehoods” in President Akufo-Addo’s acceptance letter of his resignation on November 17.

The Presidency had earlier refuted allegations by the former Special Prosecutor about “government interference”, following his submission of a corruption risk assesment on the Agyapa Royalties deal to the President.

“In accordance with the constitutional standard of fairness, reasonableness, and candour, the President requested you to give the public officials in question an opportunity to comment on your findings and conclusions.

“Fidelity to the principles of fairness is a basic tenet of administrative justice. A request to comply with the rules of natural justice and fair hearing surely cannot be cited as the basis for alleging interference consequent upon which you would resign,” the Presidency had stated in its reply to the former Special Prosecutor.

But the former Attorney-General maintains that his allegations that the Presidency interfered with his work are true.

To back this claim, the Citizen Viligante on Friday challenged government to employ external services to critic the controversial Agyapa deal if indeed it bears no corrupt intentions.

Speaking to this, Mr. Baako said the suggestion is of no quality as foreign institutions are not substitute for the Office of the Special Prosecutor.