EZCOM International, a distributor of computer hardware and peripherals over the weekend donated assorted ICT hardware including laptops and printers, worth 5700 Ghana cedi to the Ghana Army.

At a ceremony held at the Southern Command office of the army headquarters in Accra, officials of EZCOM were warmly received by the army officers in an atmosphere of joy and excitement as both parties savoured the moment.

Mohamad Ezzedine, Operations Manager of EZCOM International said his outfit was optimistic that the donation would go a long way to help the establishment, adding that EZCOM would continue to support them since they recognize the importance of equipping the military.

Ezzeddine said: “EZCOM remains committed to supporting the Ghana Army. This gesture is part of our social responsibility, and we believe it will go a long way to build capacity in the army”.

“We at EZCOM recognize the importance of the Ghana Army in keeping the peace, and we are happy to support our Southern Command with this laptops and printers to facilitate information and communication technology,” he added.

Brigadier General Martin KG Ahiaglo, the General Officer Commanding of the Southern Command, Ghana Army, who received the items on behalf of the institution, thanked EZCOM for the good display of corporate social responsibility, and promised that the institution will put to good use, the items presented to them.

“I wish to seize this opportunity, on behalf of my Command and on my own behalf, to express our profound gratitude and appreciation to EZCOM International Ltd for the kind donation of assorted ICT hardware to Headquarters, Southern Command of the Ghana Army.

Arguably Ghana’s perfect destination for computer hardware and peripherals as well as Digital Olympus Cameras and Binoculars among others, EZCOM continues to endear itself to the Ghanaian consumer. Through an extensive retailer chain of distribution, coupled with excellent customer service, EZCOM has become a household name in Ghana and a preferred outlet for individuals and businesses.


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