Kwasi Nyantakyi, President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has sparked controversy over the spate of player exodus by defending the canker seen as a prime reason for the fallen standard of the game in the country.

The President told a brainstorming session seeking to woo supporters back to the arenas that the clubs are private companies who depend on internal finances for sustenance, making it inappropriate for any one to suggest that players must be restrained from joining the exodus wagon in the name of creating excitement in the Premiership.

Nyantakyi disputes the claim of fallen standard of play as another reason for the sudden apathy towards the Premiership, insisting “I disagree with the assertion that standards have fallen in terms of quality.

“It will be unfair to compare current players to those in the past
knowing there are generational challenges.”

Nyantakyi beliefs the standard of play compared to the 70s and 80s have soared in many sense; insisting the era of satellite media could be a major reason why football in those era was patronized than today.

He similarly diverts from the assertion that there is no star attraction in the Premiership and suggested that there is enough quality, which when well packaged would drive the supporters back to the stadia.

The President is however on the same page with suggestions that the commercialization of foreign leagues remain a major factor to the sudden craze for foreign games as against the local league.

Clamouring for a change, he said “It behoves us to adopt the right marketing strategies to change the trend.”

There is a huge apathy towards the Ghanaian league and stakeholders have converged in Accra to brainstorm to halt the situation.

Source: GNA