An Ejisu Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday remanded Kwaku Amankwaa 51, a farmer in prison custody for allegedly stabbing Kwadwo Fordjour 28, a porter with a pair of scissors to death during a fight at Krapa.

The court presided over by Madam Joyce Bamfo remanded Amankwaa who received a deep cut on his head when Fordjour hit him with a stone to receive medical attention.

Amankwaa’s plea was not taken and would re-appear on Monday November 26.

Police Inspector Jacob Asumani, prosecuting told the court that on November 8 this year, the accused allegedly stole a flashlight and one Ghana cedi cash from a drunkard who became unconscious and laid by the road at Krapa.

He said a witness who saw the accused taking the flashlight and the money told the drunkard who later became conscious about the theft and since the witness did not know the accused’s house the deceased was asked to accompany them to collect the items from accused.

Police Inspector Asumani said the accused refused to handover the items to them but rather became offended with the deceased that he showed them his house and this led to a quarrel.

He said the accused and deceased were separated, but the deceased not satisfied followed the accused to his house and hit him with a stone on his head resulting in a deep cut and with blood oozing from the cut, the accused picked a pair of scissors and stabbed the deceased in the chest.

The prosecution said the deceased fell down unconscious and with blood oozing he was rushed to a private clinic nearby but was pronounced dead on arrival.

He said after investigations the accused was charged with the offence.

Source: GNA


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