The Asamankese Circuit Court has sentenced a 36-year-old farmer, Majid Seidu to seven years imprisonment for defiling a 15-year-old girl in Oda Nkwanta.

His Honour Abass Abubakari Adams in his ruling said the convict will serve his jail term in hard labour.

The prosecuting officer, Detective Inspector George Oteng-Appau said the complainant, Janet Abrokwa is a resident of Oda Nkwanta and mother of the victim, whilst the accused is also a farmer in the same town.

He said about two weeks ago, the complainant observed that the victim was not in good condition so she inquired from the victim but she refused to tell the truth until October 24, where the victim informed her friend that she has been sexually harassed by Majid Seidu.

The friend of the victim however informed the victim’s mother about the incident and upon interrogation by the complainant, the victim confirmed that he had defiled her on several occasions.

She said the convict warned her not to inform anyone after promising to give her money for trading and marry her when she grows up.

The complainant later reported the case to the Akyem Oda Police where the victim was given a medical form for examination at Oda Government Hospital.

On October 27, the police received a medical report endorsed by Doctor Asuru Fouad at the Oda Government Hospital which said “on examination, she looked well but on vaginal examination, her hymen was breached indicative of penetrative sexual activity.”

The report further indicated that “urine pregnancy test, syphilis, hepatitis B and HIV test were all negative”.

Later, the accused was arrested and interrogated where he confirmed that he has been dating the 15-year-old girl for the past three months and had had sex with her only three times.

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