Leading hospitality facility, Fiesta Royale Hotel has hosted its clients at a ‘quarterly client cocktail’ event to acknowledge their support.

Held on the theme: “Our customers, our success” the event assembled the hotel’s business partners, customers, In-house guests and stakeholders in the hospitality industry.

It was a delightful evening with lots of activities including a quiz, raffle draw and gift hunt.

There was also an interactive and socializing section where the management team as well as some new Sales & Marketing staff were introduced to clients.

The General Manager, Mr Jaco Kotze, explained the theme was carefully chosen to reflect on the management’s resolve to make its customers the centre of their operations in 2018.

He called for a stronger partnership with clients as he reiterated that the two will be a force to reckon with for a successful 2018.

“We are responsible for your high results, as such we will build relationships that will last forever with respect, honesty and integrity,” he said.

On behalf of the Directors and Managers, Mr Kotze thanked the customers for their continuous patronage and assured them of the right support by understanding clients needs while providing the right team for quality service.

A feedback section was also held where most clients were upbeat about the continuous improvement in services by the Hotel with particular emphasis on the good reception and the adoption of a face-to-face engagement with clients by staff and Management of the Hotel.

Speaking in an interview with the media, Mrs Yvonne Eyeson, Sales & Marketing Manager noted the consistent engagement with clients was to give clients quality service as its key focus.

“Quality service is our priority as we have invested in perfect conferencing facilities, large rooms and good food to give clients value for money to exceed their expectations.

“As management, we admit there is competition in the industry but we will do our part by making our presence felt in the market and hope clients do theirs by keeping up with their loyalty as we forge ahead together in 2018 and the years ahead,” she said.