The Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO) has given a fairly good appraisal of the phase one of the ongoing voters registration exercise.

In a statement, CODEO said it received 575 daily observation reports from 100 constituencies across the country from June 20 to July 5, the period of the Phase One.

Among its findings, CODEO said registration began at majority of the polling stations on time.

The organization said some 11% of the polling stations observed were not easily accessible to persons with disabilities and the elderly.

“Most (99%) registration centers observed did not encounter any shortage of registration materials but close to 1% of centers encountered some shortage of materials,” CODEO said.

The body said despite a number of centres ensuring appropriate social distancing protocols, “about nine percent of the registration centers observed lacked the required space to enforce” same.

CODEO said its observers also noted the laxity in adherence to social distancing.

“Accordingly, CODEO calls on the Electoral Commission to consider additional mechanisms for enhancing the effectiveness of the respect for health and safety protocols at all registration centers at all times,” the statement said.