The recent terrorist attacks in Kenya have brought back questions about the security of Ghana’s Flagstaff House, the seat of government, with experts warning it is open to attack.

An expert on Middle East and Political Islam, Irbard Ibrahim believes the President’s office and residence, located close to the road leading to the Ako Adjei Interchange is over exposed, making it an easy target for any terrorist attack.

In contrast, the American Embassy in Ghana is even more protected and secure than the Flagstaff House and the Police headquarters, he argues.

Speaking to Adom News Irbard Ibrahim insisted: “The security of other nations are more formidable than Ghana’s Flagstaff House. What even scares me is that the President’s residence is so close to the road and the only thing that bars the main building is a single gate.”

But that is not the only important location that has porous security, according to Mr Ibrahim. The Police headquarters located close to the Ako Adjei overpass, would also be an easy target.

He cautioned President John Mahama and other Ghanaian leaders to exercise extreme caution when commenting on terrorist activities, saying a single unfortunate word could put Ghana in danger of an attack.

“I will advise government that as part of the international community, dealings with the international community on terrorism should be made subtle because Ghana is known to be a peaceful nation,” he advised.

Pointing out that Ghana is ranked 5th in contributors to international peace keeping missions, he urged government to keep it that way in order not to attract terrorists into the country.

Meanwhile, management of the Accra Mall in collaboration with the Police and other security agencies have undertaken a review of the security arrangements at the Mall.

General Manager, Joseph Amo Mensah told Adom News’ Shieley Dromo Tetteh that the company will ensure that customers are protected from any potential attack.

Discreet checks undertaken by Adom News indicated that many patrons of the Mall are scared of entering such a large edifice and intend to stay away for a while to monitor the security arrangements.