Food scientists at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology are engaging traders and other stakeholders on the dangers of what is referred to as food fraud at the first-ever international conference on food fraud.

The discussion is triggered by recent adulteration of palm oil with cancer-causing Sudan Four dye.

Other food items such as powdered pepper and tomato paste have all been found to be adulterated.

Food scientist, Dr. Fausitna Dufie Wireko-Manu, says conference will help address such life-threatening practice.

“We want to ask them why they do those things.What are the kind of materials they add so that we can test and ascertain whether they are harmful or not”. She told Luv Bizness Report.

Farmers, Traders and manufactures are among other interest groups who took part in the discussion.

Participants are already happy at what they say is an eye-opening seminar.

“I have realized that there are a lot of things that we do that bring a lot of sickness to our customers. From this workshop I am not doing that anymore”, a remorseful trader said.

Food scientists engage stakeholders at KNUST on dangers of food fraud

The researchers observed traders especially were ignorant about the effects of the adulteration because they freely explained the things they add to the various foodstuffs.

In what appeared a confirmation, some of the traders revealed they have been lured to adulterate food items because of their passion to double their money.

But to Dr. Wireko-Manu “if they knew it was fraud or a crime, they won’t be telling us all these things. Therefore they need to be educated and that is why we did this conference”.

According to her it is therefore important to find best alternative ways of achieving the same purpose but healthier means.

Scientists at the university are planning of coming out with a book periodically with a list of alternative ways of satisfying the consumer and trader


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