Richard Odoom, an 18-year-old footballer, who watched a pornographic film in the room of his friend and afterwards pounced on a two-year old girl playing with her mates in the house to satisfy his lust, has been jailed for eight years for his act.

The accused person, who apparently could not penetrate the little girl, resorted to having sex with her through the anus till she passed stool on the bed.

Seeing the condition of the two-year old, he abandoned her and fled the vicinity for four months till he was apprehended by the police.

The victim had to be rushed to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital for surgery to restore the proper functioning of her internal organs as she had no control of herself and could just pass stool and urine at anytime.

The footballer, who was jailed by an Accra Circuit Court presided over by Mrs. Georgina Mensah-Datsa, pleaded guilty but quickly denied he wrote in his statement to the police that he committed the offence after watching a pornographic material, compelling the Judge to conduct a mini-trial.

In passing judgment, the trial judge said she found Odoom guilty of defilement as the prosecution had been able to prove beyond reasonable doubts that he was indeed the culprit.

The prosecuting officer, Chief Inspector Ben Darfour
told the court that the accused person, who is a footballer, had friends in the house where the victim and her parents were living at Ekwamkrom in the Central Region.

According to him on December 10, 2006, the accused visited his friends who later told him they were going to see someone but he chose to stay behind.

He said when the accused looked around and saw that neither his friends nor the parents of the little girl were around, he lured her into the room of his friend and had anal sex with her, when he realized his manhood was too big to penetrate her.

The police officer noted that when the accused realized the little girl could not endure what he was doing and defecated on the bed sheet, he left the girl to her fate and fled the area.

Mr. Darfour said when the parents of the little girl arrived they realised there was something wrong with their daughter and upon interrogation they found out it was the footballer who had defiled her.

The parents, the prosecutor said, reported the matter to the police and a medical form was issued for her to be taken to a hospital but she was later transferred to Korle-Bu as her condition needed surgery.

The prosecutor indicated that Odoom was arrested four months later on April 16, 2007 and arraigned before court for the offence.

Source: Daily Guide