Editor of the Daily Dispatch newspaper, Benjamin Emmanuel Ephson has described the recent forum held by top cadres of the opposition NDC in Tema as a means to re-evaluate their position as “the major organ” in the party.

Speaking to Evans Mensah on Top Story Monday, he stated that the forum in question “is an attempt by the cadres group to try and reaccess themselves as the major organ in the party towards organization.”

His comments follow risen brouhaha after the National Democratic Congress (NDC) held two separate events to discuss the future of the party simultaneously.

A three-day retreat attended by former President John Mahama was held by the party leadership in Ho in the Volta Region to assess the party’s performance in the just-ended election while a similar event was held in Tema on Saturday by some party bigwigs such as Mr. Dan Abodakpi to discuss similar matters.

This has resulted in the general public and the rank and file of the party questioning the unity that lies within the NDC.

According to the pollster, the struggle for power and recognition by the top cadres in the party was laid bare during the presence of the party’s founder, the late Jerry John Rawlings.

“I think that even before the death of the founder, the late Jerry John Rawlings may he rest in peace, there has been attempts by the cadres group within the NDC to assess themselves in terms of them thinking that they were the force in which the NDC came into power…When even the late President was there, the cadres group was finding it a bit difficult to assume the role they want,” he explained.

For him, should this worrying issue continue, it could spell doom for the NDC, therefore urging the cadres group to revisit their position “because given the age dynamics of the population and so on, this is a political battle they may not win.”

He advised the party to press forward with its plans since statistics from the 2020 general elections prove that there has been an improvement for the NDC after its setback in the 2016 elections.

“I think that the party having done so well after 2016, I believe that the party must go ahead with the plan. Usually, when NDC is in opposition, they elect their flagbearer two years to the election. So maybe if they go to Congress next year and hold the elections for the flagbearer for 2024, the one who would win, I believe the dust will now settle for the various competing groups to see the way forward.”

When asked by Evans Mensah if any contender would stand a chance against former President John Mahama, Mr Ephson revealed that per the votes garnered by the former statesman in the previous elections, that would be difficult if not impossible.

“Given Mr Mahama’s performance 2020, I doubt,” he said.