Deputy Auditor-General, George Winful

ASEPA has intercepted a memo from the Ministry of Finance signed by its Chief Director, Patrick Nomo, communicating the appointment of the current Deputy Auditor General, George Winful, on Secondment to the Ministry of Finance as the Director of Revenue Policy Division.

We believe this appointment is extremely malicious and flys in the face of Article 284 of the 1992 Constitution which enjoins public officers to avoid putting themselves in a conflict of interest situations in the performance of their functions.

How can the Finance Ministry, conceive such a capricious idea that can not only undermine the independence of the Audit Service and the office of the Auditor General but also compromise the office in the performance of its audit functions.

How can a Deputy AG work as the Director of Revenue Policy Division when the work of the same unit will in the end will be subjected to an audit by the office of the Auditor General?

We are therefore calling for the immediate revocation of this appointment, Mr George Winful must choose between his position as the Deputy AG or resign and work in the Finance Ministry but he cannot keep both positions under the pretext of Secondment.

Failure to do so, means ASEPA will proceed to Court to enforce the explicit provisions of Article 284.

ASEPA is particularly worried about the constant actions of the Government that seem to be weakening all independent offices of State especially the offices of accountability.
These are some of the actions that lay credence to the notion of culture of silence widely spoken about and fiercely rejected by the President, but I tell you what, if you appoint a Deputy AG on secondment to the Ministry of Finance, and conflict him in a manner where cannot independently perform his functions as an auditor, it’s also culture of silence!!

Mensah Thompson
Executive Director, ASEPA