Management of Future Gold Resources says it has opened talks with community members of Dumasi – a location which houses the company’s Bogoso Mine.

The mining company recently reported of some attacked on its workers by suspected residents of the mining community who accuse them of not advancing the development cause of residents there.

“Management of FGR Bogoso Prestea Mine would like to bring to the attention of the community that every effort is being made to proffer a lasting solution to the issues raised by the community which have been outstanding for many years before FGR took over. We are opening development talks for this reason”, the company said in a statement.

“This illegal activity intended to cause damage and fear must be prevented in order for the company to operate, which will lead to benefits to the community and Ghana”, it said.

“When calm is restored and safety can be assured, we would like to reaffirm our desire to meet and engage with all the Dumasi community stakeholders to discuss the comprehensive list of issues as set out in our recent letter.  We are strongly committed to developing a positive and long-lasting relationship with the community,” the statement stressed.

Meanwhile, management of Future Gold Resources (FGR), says work has been suspended and will restart once investigations are concluded and they are advised accordingly on a resumption of mining activity.