Cwesi Oteng

Gospel musician, Cwesi Oteng, is urging Joyce Blessing to sue Nana Agradaa for sharing a video of her supposedly ‘drunk’.

According to him, the allegations made by Nana Agradaa in her video are defamatory, therefore, she cannot be allowed to go scot-free.

“Joyce Blessing! The woman in the video is clearly defaming you. Get a lawyer and sue. The laws in Ghana works,” Cwesi Oteng wrote under an Instagram post.

When another fan noted that Joyce Blessing should only learn from her mistakes and ignore the issue, Cwesi Oteng disagreed.

“We are not talking Christian o bro (sic). The court is not for Christians. This is a citizen matter. Her press release on her page says video was to then husband,” he added.

'Get a lawyer and sue' - Cwesi Oteng tells Joyce Blessing after 'drunk' video goes viral

The comment comes after fetish priestess turned evangelist, Nana Agradaa shared a video of Joyce Blessing drunk and confessing her love for a man she calls Kwame.

Nana Agradaa claimed this is proof that the singer was cheating on her husband.

She also called on all gospel musicians to distance themselves from Joyce Blessing.

Meanwhile, the singer’s management has called on the general public to ignore the video.

They noted that it is an old video of the musician addressing her husband despite the allegations Nana Agradaa made.

“It is obvious that the intent of the circulation is to target and destroy her reputation. Management and her legal team have initiated investigations into this matter and the culprits shall certainly be held responsible.”