The Ghana Football Association( GFA)remains tight lipped about the total amount in the budget presented to the Youth and Sports Ministry for the Black Stars participation at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

There have been speculations that the Ghana FA has made an initial budget over 20 million dollars to the Ministry for approval.

There are suspicions that the FA officials might bloat figures in the budget to further their pockets.

 This has caused for an announcement of the World Cup budget to be scrutinized by the Public but spokesperson of the Ghana FA Ibrahim Saani Daara in an interview with Joy sports noted that the budget will be announced by the Sports Ministry at the right time

“We (GFA) have submitted a budget to the Ministry but the ministry is in a process of discussing it with government and if the ministry sends it budget to government I think that the Minister at an appropriate time will come out to state clearly what it is,” Saani said.

“It is not in our position to say it because it is very important that you give respect to authority, you cannot just go and say when things have not been perused and not finished you are broadcasting it, it is totally inappropriate.

“We will wait until such a time that the Ministry deals with government directly, the minister satisfied with everything and call a press conference to announce to the people of Ghana.”


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