Chief Fire Officer, Dr Albert Brown Gaisie, has said the Ghana National Fire Service, had plans to establish a college and training school to train its personnel.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency, on the sidelines of the “Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols” at the Headquarters of the Service in Accra, Dr Gaisie said the Service had acquired a land at Duayaw Nkwanta purposely for the construction of the College.

“We need a school of excellence where we shall train our personnel, build their capacity and also solicit some interventions in terms of internally generated funds,” he said.

The College, which is expected to be the first Fire Service College in West Africa, would improve the professionalism and technical expertise of the firefighters. 

Dr Brown Gaisie said firefighting was a highly technical area, therefore personnel needs to build their skills and technical capacities to enhance their efficiency, hence the training school.

Highlighting the achievement of the Service, Dr Gaisie said to promote gender balance; three women have been appointed as Regional Heads, adding that, that 80 per cent of Junior Fire Officers had been promoted duly for their hard work to the Service. 

In a sermon, Evangelist Dr Abboah-Offei of Grace Presbyterian Church, Akropong, urged Christians to pray for God’s favour in all their endeavours.

The Carols Service saw the Fire Vibration Choir and Fire Regimental Band entertain guests with melodious Christmas chorals, which 


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