Ghana Post Boss, Bice Osei Kuffour

Ghana Post has denied importing postage stamps worth $45m from Malta in 2019.

A statement from the company on Tuesday said claims that it imported $45m worth of postage stamps from Malta are false.

A Swedish journalist, Loukas Christodoulou on Monday tweeted, “weird question, I know, but does anyone have any idea why Ghana imports $45m worth of postage stamps from Malta?”

He backed his claim with an image indicating countries that are major importers of postage stamps from Malta with the source as, a website that records the importation and exportation of goods by countries all over the world.

His post has left many Ghanaians wondering if the country really imports that amount of stamps.

But the Ghana Post in response implored members of the public to disregard the tweet.

“As the country’s designated postal operator and the sole institution in charge of postage stamps in the country, we wish to state that the said claim is not true about Ghana Post, as we have not imported any stamp from Malta and therefore implore the general public to dissociate Ghana Post from the said publication,” portions of the statement read.

Ghana Post denies importing $45m worth of postage stamps

The company further admonished the public to be circumspect with publications about the company on social media.

Ghana Post noted that it is upgrading its technology to participate fully in the digital economy with its e-services, e-commerce and financial services to provide smart and secured delivery services.