Bishop of the Jasikan Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church, Most Rev Gabriel Ababio Akwesi Mante has said that Ghana is sitting on tenterhooks as power continues to play between the NDC and NPP.

His comments come after gross misconducts and mayhem exhibited by legislators during Parliament’s 8th inauguration and the election of the Speaker.

Most Rev Mante, who spoke to JoyNews noted that what happened in Parliament on January 6 and 7 this year is an indication of a tense political atmosphere with unresolved pre and post-election concerns.

Citing some African countries such as Rwanda, he said Ghana has displayed some characteristics held by these countries who failed to ensure political stability over thee years.

“I say we are on tenterhooks because all the places where there have been conflicts in Africa began gradually like what happened in parliament. The worst of it is what happened in Rwanda in 1994, we may be closer to Cote d’Ivoire, what happened, elections and post elections or pre-election violence.

“Ghanaians maybe because of our fear of blood, we haven’t risen to the point of conflagration,” he stated.

Despite there being hope, the religious leader explained that with the good name that precedes Ghana, “we (Ghanaians) shouldn’t have been there” to witness such commotion.

“People who should represent us were rather fighting for seats and fighting for positions. And now we are at who is the Majority and the Minority,” he added.

In view of this, Most Rev Gabriel Ababio Akwesi Mante charged all persons, especially Christians to play a huge role in the country’s governance to ensure the right actions are carried out.

“We Christians in Ghana should not fail to stand up and be counted in institutions that very often tend to poison our national life,” he said.

He made the remarks when he addressed the 42nd Catholic Laity Plenary Assembly at Nsuta-Buem in the Jasikan District of the Oti region.