General Overseer of the Solid Rock Chapel International, Rev Dr Christie Doh Tetteh has touted the remarkable role the church has played in the development of the country.

According to the cleric, the Church’s role in various aspects of the nation has resulted in numerous impactful stories in society.

In view of this, she believed that society will be at a loss without the Church as its guide.

“The Church has permeated so many aspects of our society. Can you imagine Ghana without the Church, it will be horrible,” she said on Monday.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Christian Forum themed, “Ghana at 65, is the Church Still Relevant?” Rev. Dr Tetteh admitted that despite the efforts of the Church, Ghana has still not attained full actualisation.

But the Reverend believed that with faith the success stories will be chalked in due time.

“The church is doing its bit. 65 years of gaining independence Ghana is still not where we expect her to be, but what can we do?

“We still have hope and trust and believe in God that as long as we are the salt of the earth and the light of this world, the gates of hell will not prevail against the church,” she intimated.

Citing quotation from 2 Timothy 3, Rev. Dr Tetteh said despite the castigation by some individuals, the Church will thrive and survive.

“We cannot as a Church solve the whole problem of Ghana. Jesus Christ came on planet earth he only worked for three and half years and he didn’t finish everything he has left it for you and I to continue.

“And as long as we stand, we stand for the truth and keep preaching the truth and living the truth it doesn’t matter the resistance, God will glorify his name through the Church,” she stated.