A survey by the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has revealed that it costs about ¢7,699 to recruit migrant workers from Ghana in foreign countries.

According to the survey, it costs an average of ¢7,676 for a Ghanaian male migrant to be recruited for a job as against females – ¢7,760.

The findings disclosed that migrants are recruited by two categories; high skilled and low skilled. Highly skilled migrant workers are willing to pay ¢9,413 to get a job overseas.

Also, low skilled migrants pay about ¢7,407, with Ghanaian females paying five times more the amount (¢4,593) than Ghanaian males – ¢1,113.

However, the GSS reveals that migrant workers in ECOWAS countries spend relatively less to get a job overseas, earning an average of ¢4,491 per month.

The Ghana Statistical Service also found that Ghanaian migrant workers aiming to work in the Oceania region, pay higher recruitment fees with the average cost being ¢12,150.

These batch of Ghanaian migrants earn more income with an average monthly salary of ¢5,829.

A chunk of Ghanaian migrants who aim to work in the USA spend ¢11,198 in recruitment fees earning a monthly earning of about ¢4,813.

These findings were based on the Recruitment Cost Indicator (RCI) using the methodology and instruments developed by International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the World Bank.