Jamaican television producer and presenter, Odessa Chambers, has lauded Ghana for its ambiance for the reggae music genre.

She was impressed with the rate at which the genre is being upheld in this part of the world.

“It is beautiful how reggae music has transcended in Ghana and what I am so impressed about is the love because everywhere I go, I see a Jamaican flag up and some of the Uber rides I took played reggae and dancehall and I feel like home. 

“I went back to Jamaica and I tell them that for a small island of about 3.5 million people they should know the power of impact and should be proud of themselves,” she told JoyNews.

Odessa, daughter of award-winning reggae sensation, Jimmy Cliff, agrees that reggae and dancehall have gained a lot of grounds in Ghana but a lot more needs to be done to help.

According to her, Ghanaians really understand the culture of reggae music so she considers establishing a reggae and dancehall symposium here in Ghana, bring in some experience Disc Jockeys and other initiatives to help improve the genre.