Mr Logic

Entertainment pundit, Mr Logic, has demanded that singer Bisa Kdei proves that media men have been paid to sabotage his career.

In a tweet, the singer said he was aware of an agenda by some people who have been paid to bring him down in the music industry.

His statement generated lots of reactions on social media, with most people criticising him for saying “the media is fake”.

Bisa Kdei

Mr Logic, reacting to this on Daybreak Hitz, said Ghanaians do not have to rain insults on him until he is unable to testify which people are ruining his career.

“I think the best thing is to get him to give us proof. To insult him means you are naïve, some are calling him stupid, depressed and past, it’s not important,” he said.

Mr Logic said if Bisa Kdei claims the media is fake then he should be able to provide proof to substantiate his claims.

“He has to get a good rapport with people. If he cannot do it, they should get people on the road to do it for him though he has the right to complain,” Mr Logic said.