The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) is asking the government to release the capitation grant to the basic schools across the country to enable them to function effectively.

According to GNAT, heads of basic schools have had to resort to other means to keep the schools running because they can’t speak of their predicament.

At the Central regional conference to elect regional leaders of GNAT, the Central Regional Chairman of the association, Rev. Isaac Owusu, beseeched government to perform its responsibilities to the schools to make life comfortable for teachers and the children.

Mr Owusu who retained his position after the conference, charged the government to pay outstanding capitation grant arrears to the basic schools to make the running of the schools effective.

He cautioned some teachers and a section of the public who always taint issues that are about the welfare of teachers and children with politics to desist from such acts.

GNAT calls on government to release capitation grant to basic schools

“Headteachers of the basic schools, we’ve reopened school and till date, there’s no single capitation in the schools. So, if you have a lot of issues, and we addressing our employer on it, where lies the politics in this,” he quizzed.

A senior lecturer with the School of Economics at the University of Cape Coast, Dr Mark Armah entreated the leadership of GNAT to show leadership to protect the ethics of the teaching profession.

Additionally, the National President of GNAT, Philippa Larsen implored teachers to plan towards their future so they don’t retire as paupers.

She stressed, “You need to save towards your retirement; it’s important you make that guide you as you journey through the profession. We have to work together to make sure that each and every one of us would own their houses before they retire. Better late than never.”

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