Government says even though its doors are open to private individuals who want to invest in the energy sector, investors must play along its regulations to avoid the citizenry being exploited, a Deputy Minister of Energy, Emmanuel Armah-Kofi Buah, has said.

He has therefore called on capable corporate institutions and individuals interested in the sector, especially in renewable energy, to complement government’s effort to solve the energy crisis that has bedeviled the country for years.

Speaking on Africa Kicks, a BBC programme broadcast live in Accra on Wednesday, which focused on African’s electricity problem, Mr Buah reiterated inasmuch as government would welcome independent power generators, “government is always going to have the responsibility to protect the vulnerable in society”.

He also assured investors that government would provide a level playing field to enhance competition.

“We have to make sure that the playing ground is level so that people who have money to invest are able to compete, we have to make sure the regulatory framework is right for the competition to take place… From what the government is doing right now, the playing field is clear now.”

On renewable energy, Mr Buah said a bill to that effect is currently being considered by cabinet.

“The Ministry of Energy as a policy says that we are going to increase renewable energy in our energy needs from one per cent to 10 per cent in a medium term within five years. We are going to do that by giving incentives to real estate developers. We are going to require government institutions [and] health centres to use renewable energy sources.”


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