Engineers who supervise shoddy works may soon have their licenses withdrawn by the Engineering Council in a move to address structural and construction failures in the country.

The Water Resources, Works and Housing minister is expected to soon inaugurate the Engineering Council to ensure standards are adhered to in the construction industry.

Roads Minister Amin Sulemani told Parliament government will no longer accept structural collapse in the country resulting from poor supervision.

According to him, there should be competent engineers who should study the technicalities of buildings "otherwise we will always have structural failures which will result in the collapse of buildings with associated loss of lives."

"These happenings are strong indications that we need to enforce laws; we need to enforce our regulations in this country," Amin Sulemani stated.

He said once the Engineering Council comes into place, it will ensure that people who supervise such building will be held accountable.

Water Resources works and Housing Minister Collins Dauda speaking on the matter also said the council will strictly ensure engineers in the country do a good job.

"The engineers who are deployed to supervise buildings in any part of the country will make sure that the standards are followed," he said.

These measures, Collins Dauda added, will ensure that "we do not have structural defects as we have experienced over the period."