The Monitoring and Evaluation Ministry has launched a Result Fair Platform for the various Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to state the works they have undertaken since they assumed office.

The Fair has been scheduled to come off from the January 14 to 16.

The initiative which has been themed, “Delivering results for our citizens, a work in progress,” had the Monitoring and Evaluation Minister, Dr Anthony Akoto Osei address the media on Thursday.

Result Fair

He explained to journalists at the Information Ministry Thursday that, the initiative seeks to enlighten citizens about government’s fulfilled campaign promises. 

“We are giving an opportunity to most of government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, particularly the 17 priority programmes to come and tell their own stories,” he explained.

He added the Fair will provide an unlimited platform for various Ministers to adequately explain policies they have implemented for citizens to grasp their achievements.

“I do an assessment of all the development initiatives but they don’t get the chance to tell their own stories. The assessment is limited, to what I have agreed with them.

“So people don’t really know all that the Ministry does, that is why we are giving them the opportunity to write their stories to Ghanaians,” he stressed.

Result Fair

Meanwhile, the Monitoring and Evaluation Ministry has rated the incumbent government’s performance on the fulfilment of campaign promises at 72%.

Result Fair


Result Fair