Commercial bus drivers and owners in Accra are kicking against the introduction of a bus rapid system.

The system is being implemented by the Ministry of Roads and Highways, together with the Ministry of Transport and the Local Government Ministry and the Department of Highways, to help ease traffic congestion in the city by introducing dedicated bus lanes.

But the Ghana Private Roads Transport Union (GPRTU) says government unilaterally took the decision to introduce the system without consulting other interest groups.

First vice chairman of the Greater Accra Regional branch of the GPRTU, Robert Saba, tells Joy News the union would resist any attempt to implement the bus rapid system.

“We cannot bring this thing in our country here but they don’t want to accept that. They just want to bully their way through and then go ahead [to implement it]. We think that there is an interest somewhere,” he said.

The commercial drivers, who feel threatened by the introduction of the system argue they would not take kindly to any action by government to roll out the system.

The system would be one of the Mills administration’s major programmes after criticisms that the government is acting too slowly.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Trades Union Congress, mother organization of the GPRTU, says government must not ignore the concerns of the drivers.

Secretary General, Kofi Asamoah, tells Joy News any decision on the BRT project must involve the GPRTU.

The Urban Transport Project, under the Ministry of Transport, is the unit directly responsible for the Bus Rapid Rapid System.

Communications Manager for the Urban Transport Project, Kwadjo Antwi, has however debunked claims by the drivers that government had failed to involve them.

According to him the implement bodies entered into various consultations with all stakeholders including the GPRTU.