The Ghana Revenue Authority has assured that its digitisation and automation systems are being implemented, and that the challenges associated with filing for tax reliefs would be resolved.

According to the Head of Compliance and Debt management, Victor Akogo, the challenges associated with the filing for the tax reliefs are due to the manual system.

“GRA only gives approval for the relief to be granted to the employee and not the GRA trying to reduce the taxes of the employee. It is the employer’s obligation to reduce the taxes based on the relief that the person has applied for as enshrined in the law,” he stated.

He is however hopeful that the automation system will address the issue in earnest.

“So, basically there is no misunderstanding but it is only that the manual way of computation that has probably created a huge burden for the controller that the reliefs are deducted from the payroll system. But with digitisation and automation of GRA systems, it will resolve all these issues,” he assured.

This comes on the back of complaints raised by the Civil and Local Government Staff Association that the tax reliefs filed by its members have not been effected.

 “Government has also put in place these tax reliefs to enhance our incomes but it looks like because of the processes that are not well known, our members are not enjoying it. So we called for this workshop for GRA to explain the processes to enable our members enjoy these tax reliefs,” he stated.

However, the Executive Secretary of CLOSAG, Isaac Bampoe-Addo is optimistic the GRA would address his outfit’s concerns by the scheduled date of April 2021.

“They’ve assured us that the deadline to fill the next relief is April 2021. So, we’re working towards that and ensure that in 2021, our members enjoy these tax reliefs,” he said.

CLOSAG organised a virtual workshop on how to file personal income tax return.