The co-chair of the Citizen’s Movement Against Corruption has called for the strengthening of internal monitoring systems at the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).

Edem Senanu believes this will address the recurring incidents of fraud and corruption in the organisation.

In an interview with Mamavi Owusu-Aboagye on the Super Morning Show on Monday, he bemoaned the lapses in the GRA’s system and called for a prompt resolution of same.

Mr Senanu’s suggestions come on the back of a recent investigation by JoyNews Kwetey Nartey, which uncovered how some staff of the Authority assist businesses bidding for contracts to circumvent laid down processes in the acquisition of tax clearance certificates.

“Well, I think that essentially the internal monitoring systems of GRA just needs to be strengthened because you’re always going to have individuals in the population who would not stick to the rules.

“The question is do we have the systems in place and the sanction mechanisms to ensure that there’s such a high risk to you and your job, and what happens to you if you decide to go down this route, that you will not attempt it.

“And so I think the question is whether there are strong enough monitoring systems and whether they are working at the moment. And probably that’s a follow up that Kwetey Nartey could do to check. Do they have strong internal deterrent systems?” he stated.

Commenting on when he thinks the GRA will complete investigations into Kwetey Nartey’s work, Mr Senanu said the GRA should be able to offer relevant feedbacks within four weeks due to the number of departments within the organisation.

The Ghana Revenue Authority is a statutory organisation, mandated to supervise the collection of taxes and issuance of tax clearance certificates to business organizations as part of its core responsibilities.

However, JoyNews investigations have revealed that with a paltry sum of ¢1,500, officials are able to forge tax records for newly created companies without any evidence of work.

The investigations also discovered that the said officials in the GRA collaborate with their external allies at Agbogloshie.

Following the investigations, a section of the public have expressed their misgivings and lamented the level of rot in the public sector in the country.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Domestic Tax Revenue Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Edward Gyamerah, says they will probe the findings by Kwetey Nettey to ascertain the truth and sanction the persons involved.

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