The Greater Accra Coalition of Beach Operators (GACBO) says the directive for all beaches to be shut down must be rescinded.

Regional Minister, Henry Quartey, at an emergency Regional Security Meeting on Friday, December 24, announced the immediate closure of all beaches within the region following the surge in Covid-19 cases.

But the Coalition says it is disappointed with the directive and wants it reversed, adding that the directive is unfair and would adversely affect their businesses.

It questioned the rationale behind the closure of beaches and not airports as event organisers, churches and pubs, among others, have been allowed to operate.

Some vendors and employees also believe this would affect them financially in the months to come.

“Government is not being fair with us. People have gone for loans to stock up for this Christmas and New Year holidays. So how do we pay back the loans?”

“Every secure is working except the beaches. There are events ongoing at different places, so why the beaches?” they asked.

GACBO wants the continuous operation of the beaches with strict enforcement of the Covid-19 protocols.

Secretary of the Coalition, Dr. Albert Tetteh-Botchway noted that “the beaches have put in place measures to lower the Covid-19 rate, knowing very well there would be a gathering of people.”

“These measures include on-site vaccinations, a fully enforced ‘No Mask, No Entry’ policy, and all other Covid-19 prevention protocols that we have been observing till date.”

“This why some beach activities have been validated by the Ghana Health Service, the Ghana Tourism Authority, under the auspices of the Year of Return, to embark on certain activities,” he outlined.

It would be recalled that on December 24, the Greater Accra Regional Security Council (REGSEC) ordered the closure of all beaches within the region with immediate effect.

The decision was taken after a meeting to discuss the emergence of the Omicron variant and the consequent increase in positive cases recorded in the region.

Aside from the closure of beaches, REGSEC directed that effective Saturday, December 25, all passengers without face masks must not be allowed to board any public means of transport.

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