Lands and Natural Resource Minister, Samuel Abu Jinapor has intimated that the Green Ghana day project will be incorporated into the academic calendar of students.

During the commemorative event held Friday, June 11, 2021, at the Jubilee House, the Minister stated that this is in efforts to ensure the sustainability of the project which is aimed at restoring the country’s lost forest cover.

“Green Ghana class in our educational institutions will be set up to support efforts of the government,” he said.

The Green Ghana initiative was launched with a target of planting over 5 million trees in a day across the country.

President Akufo-Addo and other state dignitaries joined forces at the Jubilee House to mark the event.

During the event, Mr Jinapor raised concern over the hectares of forestry cover lost over the years and stressed the need to restore it.

“Ghana’s forest cover is depleting at a very alarming and unsustainable rate and the time to do something about it is now. As of the 1900s, it stood at some 8,200,000 hectares. It has been depleted over the years by an astonishing 80 percent to the current state of 1,600,000 hectares. This situation is a result of years of degradation, deforestation, lack of effective afforestation and action,” he said.

Nonetheless, he gave an assurance that the current government, through various policies and interventions such as the Green Ghana initiative will salvage the situation.

“The guiding principles of the green Ghana day as envisioned by the president of the republic, are as follows; we seek to plant a million trees today. The event will be a yearly exercise with increases in the number of trees, each Green Ghana day with the goal of 100 million trees being planted in a day all within the second term of the Akufo-Addo presidency,” he said.

He further called on the general public to rally behind the programme in order to ensure its sustainability.