A former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana says the manner in which the immediate past Auditor General was forcefully retired from office does not send good signals about the country in the fight against corruption.

According to Prof Ivan Addae-Mensah, the issues raised about Daniel Domelovo’s nationality and questions about his age could have been verified to avoid any doubt.

He said, the anti-corruption crusader should have been given the chance to publicly tell his side of the story.

“We all know what the situation with age is in this country…those of us who were lucky to have educated parents were lucky enough to have our births recorded by our parents properly. So we grew up knowing our age and they were synchronous with the day on which we were born.

“A lot of people are running around the country whose perceived birthday don’t synchronise with their days of birth so it’s just a question of tracing back,” he said.

“Well government knows best, there are things that they know that I may not know,” he added.

Speaking in an interview on Joy News’ AM SHOW Monday, Mr Addae-Mensah said if such situations continue to occur in Ghana, corruption can never be dealt with.

He argued that the general perception among a lot of people in the country is that persons charged to fight the canker don’t appear to have the support of the powers that be.

“If you are seen to be someone who wants to fight corruption then be careful you don’t step on any ones toes,” he stated.