Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC has unveiled its new corporate identity with a refreshed and redesigned logo.

According to the company, the change comes at a time when its business is evolving and marking 60 years of operations in Ghana.

The unveiling of the logo is one of the many activities to mark the company’s 60 years of existence.

The Managing Director of Guinness Ghana, Gavin Pike said, “The refreshed logo is significant of how our history will always shape our future and clearly demonstrates the many cycles of evolution we have been through as a business.”

He added, “Since Guinness Ghana began operation in Ghana, innovation has consistently been our hallmark, and as such, we understand that in order to remain relevant we need to evolve with times and seasons.”

The new design features the famous iconic harp, which serves as the Guinness emblem.

It reflects the company’s experience, craftsmanship and passion in nourishing Ghanaians. The bold new logo also represents the creative philosophy of Guinness Ghana.

“Our refreshed logo is an authentic representation of who we are as Guinness Ghana. It signifies longevity, strength, and the pride that comes from knowing our past laid a solid foundation to ensure that Guinness Ghana is the brand it is today.” The Managing Director said.

 The refreshed Guinness Ghana logo will serve as the new corporate identity and is expected to be used on all company assets and materials henceforth, to ensure standardization in the visual representation of the brand.