GWCL resumes water distribution to Tema

The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has started full production and distribution of treated water from Kpong to the Accra – Tema Metropolitan Area and parts of the Eastern Region including the Akwapim range.

This followed the successful rehabilitation work on the 63-inch diameter fibre glass pipeline at the Kpong Waterworks which traverses the Accra-Akosombo road.

The Station Manager of the Kpong Waterworks, Ebo Akwandoh, made this known on Monday when officials of the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) paid a visit to the plant to assess the extent of work on the transmission line.

Briefing the delegation, Mr. Akwandoh said about 130,000 Euros was spent on the rehabilitation works which included the excavation of the main road, removal and repairs of the rusty bolts that held the fibre pipeline.

Mr. Akwandoh who conducted the officials round the control room, the rehabilitation spot, the intake and the storeroom where the scraps were being kept, said considering the vitality of water, the company with the assistance of Biwater Company and the Lanic Fibre Glass Technology, expedited action on the repair works to ensure that it was completed even before the schedule time.

Saying that production started at dawn on Saturday, he, however noted that it would take some time before the treated water would reach majority of the communities.

Taking the officials through the production process, Mr. Akwandoh said after water was drawn from the intake, it was treated and pumped to a higher place for it to flow through the distribution lines to the various booster stations for onward distribution.

The director in charge of Water at the PURC, Nii Okae Kotei, said as regulator of the utility institutions, members of the commission decided to visit the treatment plant to have first hand information on the rehabilitation of the transmission line.

He said the commission was very sensitive to the needs of consumers and, therefore, found it prudent to visit the plant to acquaint itself with its operations. The Executive Secretary of the PURC, Stephen Adu, commended management and staff of GWCL as well as the engineers, for working assiduously on the damaged bolts to restore distribution of water to consumers.

Source: The Ghanaian Times/Ghana