Criminologist, Prof. Ken Agyeman Attafuah, has asked the Police service to hand over investigations into death of two police officers who were mistakenly killed by their colleagues to the Commission for Human Rights and Administration Justice (CHRAJ).

He said although the Police were investigating the incident, there were scepticisms about the findings that will eventually come out of the investigations which he said would be dispelled if CHRAJ or another constitutional body takes charge of the investigations.

Two Police officers lost their lives at Gomoa Pomadze, near Winneba, on Monday September 2 when they were shot by a police patrol team responding to a distress call.

The two officers were driving to the hospital after one of them was injured by the robbers, but the patrol team inadvertently took “them for the escaping robbers, pursued them and fired at them, leading to the death of the two policemen”, a statement from the police explained.

“This is probably a golden opportunity, as unfortunate as it is, for the Police service to…invite the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice or some other constitutional body [to investigate]”, said Prof Ken Attafuah.

Security expert, Mr Emmanuel Sowattey, has also expressed similar views.

According to him, internal enquiry by the Police “would amount to nothing.”

He also stressed the need for either CHRAJ or an independent body to take over the investigations.