The Health Services Workers Union (HSWU) has raised red flags over the government’s refusal to look into their salary concerns which have been lingering for several years.

Some of the issues they stated were payment of market premium, salary distortions under the single spine salary structure and non- payment of national health laboratory levy.

Upper West regional hospital branch chairman of the Health Services Union, Felix Pigru disclosed at a press conference, they have been stretched to their elastic limit and only waiting from the national Union to press the baton for them to go on an industrial strike over those unresolved issues with government.  

The press conference according to the upper west regional council of the service workers union is a sequel to an early press conference done by the national union barely three weeks ago.

Wa health workers

It is to express their displeasure for the act of discrimination being perpetrated against staff of the health service and members of the Union in the region despite their immense contribution towards providing quality healthcare delivery in Ghana.

”Our job is very risky and yet it is overlooked. So we want all grades within our membership to be upgraded from 3 to level 4. And that will enable us to go home with something appreciable considering our salary now, it is very low. You work for 40 years and you go home on pension maximum with 8,000 which is unacceptable.

As we leave here if the national signals that we should embark industrial strike, we will start it immediately, ”he stated.

Upper West Regional Chairman of the Health Services Workers Union, Mohammed Tahiru drew governments attention to the fact that the health sector thrives on teamwork and collectivity rather than individualism.

Wa health workers

Nonetheless, they have observed without any scintilla of doubt that employers have taken the union for granted despite their efforts to adhere to all procedures required  in resolving members’ grievances and disputes.

They penciled six issues which they claim has not been resolved and has been lingering for several years.

These include implementation of a collective agreement, payment of market premium, salary distortions under the single spine salary structure, no incremental credits and non-implementation of the national health laboratory policies

Former General Secretary of the Health Services Workers Union, Alhaji Abu Kuntulo was also at the press conference called on the government to listen to the concern of the health service workers union.

”They should listen to the concerns and work on them before the workers take to the streets. Workers weapon is strike and there the press conference is a reminder which government needs to take seriously, ”he added