Digital-based healthcare services system, Healthker, has introduced a hassle-free coronavirus testing regime for both travelers and anyone interested in knowing their Covid-19 status in the country.

Under their efficient testing regime, both travelers and the general public can be tested from the comfort of their homes or any place of their choice.

It provides the most convenient way of getting tested for coronavirus from an accredited Covid-19 lab.

Healthker introduces hassle-Free Covid-19 testing

After the test, one stands the chance of getting their result in as little as two to six hours.

To sign up for the Healthker Covid-19 testing services, interested clients have to dial *447*178#, select Covid-19 test and follow the prompt to select when they want their results available by and whether they want the test done in the comfort of their home or office.

Also, interested clients have the option of downloading the healthker app on playstore or App Store and selecting the various Covid-19 tests available in the rewards and promotions section of the app.

General Manager of RX Health, Gertrude Emefa Badoe says HealthKer has partnered with accredited Covid-19 testing labs to bring this new level of convenience and privacy to clients.

She added that the testing is done with strict adherence to the coronavirus safety protocols as outlined by the Health Ministry and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

She encouraged all and sundry to sign up to the system to get tested for the novel Coronavirus on time.

Operations Manager of RX Health, Richard Asravor says his outfit has put in a rapid response regime aimed at serving clients in real time and with no hassle.

Healthker is a platform that instantly connects patients and people with hundreds of health facilities including hospitals, pharmacies, ambulances, diagnostic centres, laboratories, optical and dental facilities all over Ghana.

HealthKer can then be used to book a consultation, request for an ambulance, estimate cost of healthcare, locate a health facility and conduct a diagnostic or laboratory investigation.

Healthker which was launched this year, can also be used for purchasing drugs from licensed and trustworthy pharmacies all from the comfort of your home.

According to the General Manager, the rationale behind the application is the need to address the difficulties faced by many people in accessing healthcare in Ghana.

She says “When you and your loved one need a healthcare service urgently the stress involved in trying to find the right medication or health facility that offers the service you soo desperately need can be draining and heart wrenching.

That is why we decided to develop HealthKer that instantly connects you with trusted and accredited health facilities such that within minutes you can find whatever you needed.

The General Manager stated that RX Health is an enabler and has put together over 1,000 health facilities on the platform.

RX Health is a Ghanaian-owned healthcare technology company which has been operating for six years, providing services to health insurance firms and health facilities in Ghana, Nigeria, Angola and DRC.

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