Health but fun dieting is now possible with a mobile application designed by Biomedical Engineering students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

The app known as Healthmate provides users with a special dietary plan to maintain healthy lifestyle goals while having fun with people in your geographic location.

Fitness Apps such as MyFitnessPal, MyNetDiary and Myplate are some of the well-known nutrition and fItness Apps.

The apps allow users to lose weight, count calories and manage food intolerances among others.

These apps, however, don’t offer users with a food recommendation engine that caters for polygenic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes and meals that are unique to locals in a geographical location. For example, Ghanaian being recommended banku and tilapia.

Opara Obinna God’spower and Okerentie Misan David, therefore, set out to design Healthmate.

Okerentie Misan David explained, Healthmate does not only track, record display vital daily data such as step count, calorie intake and calories burnt but also provides dynamic goal adjustments based on the user’s activities for the previous day.

KNUST app, Healthmate
App developers: Opara Obinna God’spower and Okerentie Misan David

“It also suggests meals based on the user’s diet plan,” he added.

The app is equipped with a community forum for users to connect to people in a particular geographic area. 

Opara Obinna added, Healthmate can bring together, people in Kumasi to meet up and share experiences with each other likewise those in Accra

“It allows users to share messages and post motivational messages,” he stated.

In their quest to make fitness and dieting fun, Healthmate has a challenge section where users are rewarded.

The students are working with nutritionists to create a calorie chart for more native foods.