Majority leader in Parliament, Hon. Osei Kyei-Mensah Bonsu is greatly concerned about the Ghana Football Association’s continuous appointment of foreign coaches for the Black Stars job. 

The MP for Suame who is also the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs stressed on the need for Ghana to appoint local coaches due to the limited success the country has had with foreigners.

Addressing Parliament on the demise of three legendary Ghanaian coaches; Fred Osam Duodu, E.K Afranie and Sam Arday, the majority leader called on the state to put measures in place to reward ex national stars.

“We need to rely on such quality materials to be able to reinvent our Black Stars."

“They (foreign coaches) are disintegrating our national teams.”

“If you have to step out and look for football coaches, look for the up and coming ones. At the time that Bukhard Ziesse was managing Ghana, we had Clemence Westerhoof in Nigeria and he was receiving $5,000 and he took them to their first World Cup.

“He [Westerhoof] was succeeded by Jo Bonfrere who took them to Olympics and won gold but Ghana had just four years earlier won bronze and Jo Bonfrere was given $4,500.

“When [Valery] Nepomiachi took Cameroon to the World Cup and theyshone, he was given $3,500.

“We are paying $70,000 but little results. This comprised of $50,000 cash and housing, as well providing vehicles [for Avram Grant]

“Let’s look out for the upcoming ones who are hungry to achieve things for themselves because you pay $50,000 and you don’t attain any results and you’re happy with it.”

The Ghana Football Association are yet to appoint a head coach after the exit of Avram Grant.






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