With few hours to the general elections, activities to promote peace have intensified to safeguard the peace being enjoyed in the country. 

One of such activities was a peace painting exhibition organised by the Ho Technical University Faculty of Art and Design to contribute to the peace promotion process. 

A group of artists from the University and Ho township took to the streets of Ho aiming to bridge the 'political gap' between sympathizers of the various parties by preaching peace through their arts. 

The artists produced some fantastic and fascinating pieces of paintings which seeks to disseminate positive ideas into the minds of the citizenry to ensure the upcoming election is violence free. 

Their paintings were inculcated with the values of peacebuilding and respectful coexistence during the elections as they showcased their feelings with regards to peace.

The main artist of the day, Atsu Kofi who is an alumni of Ho Technical University showcased a different dimension of artworks exhibiting rare talent. 

He used a broom and his five fingers to paint portraits of all seven presidential contestants in the upcoming elections. 

Ernest Atsukofi Akaaba who believes Ghana lacks an enabling environment to nurture artists explained the notion behind his paintings and why he decided to use his fingers and a broom to paint the portraits instead of the brush. 

"I always say that Ghana belongs to you and me, no matter who becomes the president I believe Ghana still belongs to us so we don't need to fight. We don't need to be it at each other's throat because we belong to different political parties", he said.

The artist added, "all we need to do is love one another and the moment we love one another, there is unity and peace in the country. That is why I used my fingers for the painting to depict unity and the broom to show the togetherness of us."

Ben Homenya entreated the citizenry to commit to peace ahead of the crucial elections.