Private medical practice could be a thriving business. But practitioners say there is an important quest to keep patients at the frontline of service delivery.

A newly established healthcare facility in Kumasi is seeking to set the pace in quality customer care in the business of medical care.

Horizon Hospital and Heart Centre specializes in diagnosis and treatment of basic cardiovascular services. The hospital does not pride in its standard laboratory ward facilities but its exceptional care for patients.

Managing Director of the hospital, Kojo Omono Asamoah says value addition in healthcare delivery should be upheld for holistic patient care in the healing process.

“We treat the patients with respect and dignity. You go to other hospitals and you find that patients are screamed at, patients are yelled at; these are not something that are conducive for patients to recover from their illness. So we came in to make sure that they are given everything they need to recover and recover fast”, he told Luv Fm.

Mr. Asamoah observed that health professionals in public and other institutions are stressed and stretched out in caring for patients. This he noted is a factor contributing to constraints in offering the best of medical services to patients.

“Most of the problems that I see dwells on the fact that the population exceeds the number of healthcare personnel that we have; so until that gab is bridged it’s going to be very difficult to have proper care and respect that you need in the hospitals, especially in the public sector”, he stated.

Mr. Asamoah however believes healthcare centres can live up to standards if leadership so desires.