JOY NEWS is out with a new Hotline Documentary titled DEATH ROW. ”‹ The documentary produced by multiple award-winning journalist, Seth Kwame Boateng delves into the hearts and minds of prisoners on death row.  

He spoke to inmates who have been jailed for murder, manslaughter and related charges.

They are lined up to face the gallows but with successive governments' reluctance to sign their death warrants, they sit on death row awaiting the day they will be picked up and executed as declared by the courts.  

Do you have any idea what runs through their minds as they await their execution? 

DEATH ROW is a three part documentary which begins airing on Monday, February 19 at 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm on the JOYNEWS channel on MultiTV.

It will also stream live on the Joy 99.7FM Facebook page. 

Watch the preview below: