Every woman’s dream is that her wedding day would be the most glamorous and happiest experience she would ever have.

But, this was not the case for 32-year-old Gifty Nuname, who recounts the mysterious circumstances surrounding her marriage and the loss of her beloved.

Speaking to Jay Foley and Emefa Adeti on the Prime Morning show, she recalled that things were advancing smoothly just before the engagement.

With three children already, the couple was happy. However, everyone, including her late husband’s elder sister kept asking when they will tie the knot.

Gifty said that when they made the decision to marry, all plans were going on smoothly till he decided to visit his hometown a week before the wedding.

When he returned, he began acting strangely, she said. Although there were a few hiccups here and there, things really took a turn for the worse the night after their wedding.

Gifty’s late husband on the night kept saying his mum was calling him but there was no sign of incoming calls on his phone. He became more restless, tossing in bed. As he felt more uneasy, he stood up and walked to the kitchen.

Scared Gifty rushed to call her pastor but unfortunately, her husband was nowhere to be found when the pastor arrived. 

He was later found dead on the road. He had been hit by a vehicle and lost his life on the spot.

Watch her full story below: