How to be the perfect guy for her

It’s not enough to know what women want. You also have to know how to deliver it to them. Being an amazing beau or husband doesn’t require a lot of legwork. You simply have to know how women tick. That’s where Cosmo came in.

Don’t Obsess About Your Looks
Sure, she might drool over a ridiculously hot guy, but that doesn’t mean she needs to come home to one. When asked what the most important quality is in a beau, only 2% of Cosmo readers say looks. And if you’re thinking, Well, yeah, that’s because she wants a dude with boatloads of cash, you should know that money isn’t such a big draw either.

Cheer Her Up
If your girlfriend or wife is having a really crappy day, your first instinct might be to back away slowly—maybe you’re not sure what to say, maybe you’re afraid of suddenly and inexplicably provoking an outburst. But only 2% of our readers want to be left alone! So you have to be brave and stick it out with her.

Be a Gentleman
These days, you never can tell if pulling her chair out will yield an “Oh, thank you” or a “What, you didn’t think I could do it myself?!” There’s a reason it’s complicated. Women need a little of both: 84% of Cosmo readers admit that while they want their guy to be a gentleman, they still like having a say in things.

Earn Her Trust
If a chick doesn’t trust you, the accusations probably fly every time you hit the bars without her. When asked what a deal breaker is in relationships, 56% of readers say a guy who is too flirty with other girls. To keep from having powwows (or screaming matches) every other day, you have to earn her trust.

Be a Good Kisser
74% of women say bad kissing is a sexual downer, and for very good reason. Women read a lot into a kiss…like how a man will be in bed. No pressure though.

Don’t Rush Sex
You don’t need us to tell you that women need foreplay … lots of foreplay. In fact, 84% of readers want more than 15 minutes of it. The key is making sure she knows that pleasing her is, uh, fun for you too.

Give Her a Great Orgasm
At this point in your relationship, you probably already know what it takes to bring your girlfriend or wife to orgasm. But do you know how to give her a mind-blowing explosion that’s so intense, she practically passes out from the pleasure? Oh, it’s possible. The key to helping her get there is stroking other erogenous zones during intercourse, according to the largest percentage of Cosmo readers. Stimulate both her G-spot and her C-spot (clitoris) simultaneously and your woman won’t know what hit her.