How to choose wedding rings

So she said ‘yes’. Congratulations! Now you’re preparing for the big day and one of the most important things you need to buy are wedding bands to exchange at the service.

Which wedding ring to choose
Choosing a wedding ring is an exciting experience but one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, after all it has to be timeless and something you will treasure forever. A wedding ring needs to symbolize your commitment, your personality and your taste. You could choose to design your own wedding rings to really personalize this special piece of jewelry.

Matching rings
It is likely that you will want a wedding band that matches your engagement ring so it is important to try on the wedding band and engagement ring together when you shop around.

Some couples like to have matching wedding rings. If the groom is worried about ending up with a ring that is too effeminate it isn’t necessary to be an exact copy, just match the style and the type of materials used.

Where to look
Start your search for the perfect ring with a few catalogues and magazines. Get an idea of what is out there and what your taste is. Another importance of looking in magazines is that they show you how far your budget will stretch and what the good brand names are.

Where to buy
When you’re sure of the ring you want you can approach a trusted jeweler. This is vital so that all your questions are answered and you can enjoy complete peace of mind. Beware of purchasing your ring online. Ensure that any rings come with an authentication certificate.